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Khortytsa Distillery

Khortytsa Distillery (distillery) is the most high-tech distillery in Eastern Europe. The plant features a unique design and is equipped with the best equipment from the world leaders of technological support. REHAU engineering systems, GRUNDFOS pumps, TOYOTA forklifts, and highly reliable ITAL PROJECT bottling lines ensure the accuracy of every operation, from careful dosing and sealing to quality labeling and date marking. In 2003, the first bottle of vodka came off the assembly line.
Products’ of Khortytsa Distillery regularly wins various nominations at the most prestigious professional exhibitions and tasting competitions. In 2014, the plant was named one of the world’s best distilleries at the NYISC competition in the United States. The plant have been won a hundreds of international awards for all the time.

The factory has more than 500 employees.
The productivity of the bottling lines is 16 bot./sec.
The average conveyor speed is 30 m/min.
Compliance with international ISO standards


Khortytsa Distillery is one of the largest spirit producers in Ukraine, the CIS, and the world. It was in the TOP-10 of the world’s leading vodka producers in the World Millionaires Club list.
Located in Zaporizhzhia, created in 2003 from scratch.